Commercial Management

A unique approach

We use the Managed payment portal:

  • Immediate payments when the tenant pays

  • Option to pay accounts via rent, budgets, bank debit, credit card

Included in management

  • Inspections

  • Maintenance management

  • End of financial year statements

  • Postage & petties


Our pricing strategy. Keep it cheap and keep it simple.

Gross rent

  • Tenant pays a single amount.

  • Management fee on whole amount.

Net rent - on demand

  • Tenant pays rent, pays outgoings on individual invoices.

  • Crash pays outgoings.

  • Management fee on rent payments.

Net rent - on budget

  • Tenant pays rent, pays outgoings on a budget.

  • Owner pays outgoings through Crash or direct.

  • Management fee on rent and budget payments.

Commercial - Fees compared