Property Management from Two Rocks to Mandurah

Keep it simple, keep it cheap

Our 2021 packages

Come for our amazing fees, stay for our great service

Why so cheap?

We aren’t. Other agents are too expensive.

We are aggressively priced, because we want your management.

Did you know it only costs $23 per week to manage your property?

$23 per week covers staff wages, software, and equipment. Everything over $23 per week is profit for the agency.

Because we do not have several directors all needing brand a new Tesla every year, do not pay for a receptionist, a photocopier, do not subcontract half of our job to inspection companies and the other half to off-shore “virtual” assistants, and do not have an office on a main street, we do not have the overheads other agents have and do not need to charge as much.

“Pay peanuts and you get monkeys?”

No… pay the old standard 8.5% + GST + inspections + PCRs + postage & petties + this + that + your first born + + + and you are paying for the agent’s retirement, not yours.

Stick with an independent agent that will focus on ensuring your investment is managed well and not focusing on profits and patting their own backs at franchise awards nights.