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Save over $2,000 a year with our fixed price $110/month management package

Property Management Packages

One-Fee $110 per month

Like a phone-plan, a simple, single, monthly fee

  • No hidden fees or charges
  • 2 year management agreement, then month-to-month thereafter

All-inclusive 9.9%

Our most popular package

  • No surprises at the end of the month with our all-inclusive Property Management package.
  • Month-to-month management agreement

20% off

Great for long-term tenants

  • Take 20% other agent's fees.
  • Month-to-month management agreement

10% Guarantee

Find a cheaper deal and we will beat it by a further 10%

How can we afford to be so cheap and still provide a fantastic service? Lower overheads and no shareholders.

Discounted Vs Cheap

Why Crash Realty

Strata made simple

  • $10 per unit per month
  • Simple 1 page management agreement