Your tenant doesn’t care about your agent

I was recently talking with a property investor that had been desperately wanting to change their managing agent for some time, so my first question was “why haven’t you changed then?”

It turns out that some agents are giving owners the impression and some even outright saying it, that their tenant will move out if they change agents. Some have even told owners that they cannot leave as the sitting tenant was selected by their agency so they have no choice… the owner has no choice?


Over the past 8 months we have moved more than 60 managements with sitting tenants from different agencies throughout Perth and you know how many tenants moved out because of the change in agencies?


That’s right, zero tenants have said, “well you’re changing agents so I’m leaving” in fact we have had tenants that have specified that they are only staying because we are taking over management and have signed new leases.

In some cases a fresh agent can resolve or put to bed old issues that have been in the way for months or years where the previous agent may not because they were involved in the original issue to begin with. A fresh agent can help resolve issues without any party losing face.

Fear no tenant

Tenants aren’t these scary monsters hiding under a bridge that you must fear disturbing or they’ll attack and eat your first born, they are genuine people with genuine needs.

Tenant’s don’t care what agency you are with. What they care about is service. period.

What tenant’s want from your agent

  • Calls taken or returned within an hour
  • Emails answered same day
  • Maintenance attended to in a timely manner
  • Follow-up on maintenance. Tenants are time poor, they expect the agent to be on top of these things

What tenants don’t care about

  • The name of your agent
  • What your agent looks like
  • How much signage they have on their car
  • How much you are paying in management fees

In times where you see declines in rent returns, how much is your agent reducing their fees to help carry the load?


Please email or call us, we are here to help.