Why Crash Realty?

The Best Service at the Best Possible Price

That’s Our Guarantee

Management Styles

Other agents have 2 styles of management

There is a lot of discussion going around about which real estate system works best, rent role managed systems, or task management systems, and although both have their good points, we believe their bad points make them both bad systems when run alone.

Task Management

These systems work well but lack a personal touch.

  • Each staff member has a different role.
  • You have to contact a different person for each thing like arrears, accounts, inspections, maintenance.

Rent Roll Management

Heavily rely on an individual staff member and when they go on holiday or leave everything falls apart. Property Managers are people too, people procrastinate on things that are difficult or unpleasant. This means things don’t get done.

  • 1 Property Manager
  • 1 Point of Contact for everything

So Which is The Best System?

We think they’re both wrong

A Better Service From Crash Realty

We operate under a hybrid system of David Crash’s design

Personal Service

You get the personalised service that clients have said they want time and time again.

All contact through one staff member. Your Property Manager oversees all management aspects of your tenancy.

Project Managed

The project management team working in the background ensuring everything runs smoothly and is done on time.

Using a hybrid Kanban system which goes well beyond following manuals or completing simple checklists.

No Sub-Contracting

We do not sub-contract any aspect of our job to inspection companies or overseas virtual assistants.

The only way to know the property you manage is to see the property you manage, and to manage the property you manage.

Project Management

That just works

We have a dedicated team working behind the scenes to make sure your property is managed well, everything is done on time, and your property is compliant, but you don’t have to worry about contacting a different person for accounts, arrears, leasing, and management. All aspects of real estate and management of your property are conducted in-house by your agency, we do not sub-contract any management task.

A Kanban Approach

  • We use the Kanban system to project manage all aspects of real estate.

Dedicated Scheduler

  • Our Project Manager and Scheduler manages every aspect of every real estate task.

It Just Works

  • Our systems and staff ensure everything runs smoothly.

Task Management Vs Rent Roll Management

  • You still have a dedicated personal property manager, but with task management everything gets done right and on time.
  • With each staff member doing their bit, there is no procrastination and no nothing is forgotten or missed like often happens with a rent roll management approach.


  • Every aspect managed by our admin team.
  • You stay in as much control as you like.
  • Have your own contractors?
  • Want us to manage everything?
  • We can accommodate every scenario.

Strict Arrears Process

  • System generated reminders to tenants from day 1.
  • Project managed arrears process keeping you informed throughout at all times.

Property Condition Reports

  • We do not contract out our PCR’s or final inspections ensuring our team remain in control of your tenancy from start to finish.
  • You will receive a copy once sent to the tenant.
  • You will receive a copy once received back from the tenant.


  • We do contract out our quarterly inspections ensuring our team know your property inside and out.
  • Inspections emailed to you within 2 days.
  • You get invited to every inspection, pick and choose what if and which ones you want to go to.
  • Live video of PIR via WhatsApp available with prior arrangement.


  • Thanks to IRE, we have multiple leasing team members available to show your property at any time.
  • A healthy mix of scheduled home opens, inspections on demand.

Rent Reviews

  • Automatically processed by our admin team.

Lease Renewals

  • Process starts 60-90 days before expiry.
  • Tenants re-signed before 30 days.

Vacate Process

  • Project managed from start to finish by our admin team, you’re kept informed throughout the process.


No Kickbacks

We do not accept fees, gifts, or any other type of incentive from contractors or tenants. We use contractors we know and trust to do a great job at a reasonable price.

No Guessing

We do not half say things leaving you to guess what we mean. We don’t make you do your own research, if you have questions please ask, we are here to help.

The Fairness Test

In all real estate tasks we ask, is this fair? If it isn’t fair we don’t do it.

Systems Focused

We embrace technology

It takes many specialised systems to make a great agency and we have spent many years researching, testing, and fine tuning all these great systems so they work seamlessly in the background supporting us so we can give you the absolute best possible service. One size doesn’t fit all. Each system we use is the leader in their field. There is no such thing as a single solution to real estate.