Westfield Carousel – a great family friendly shopping experience in Cannington

This Sunday we had a spare hour between home opens and my leasing team decided we needed to grab a bite to eat down at the local shopping centre Westfield Carousel in Cannington.

Westfield Carousel – Find your favourite store and the newest shops for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and fresh food only at Westfield Carousel


Westfield Carousel is one of Perth’s largest shopping centres and is the heart of Cannington. Right in the middle of the Commercial section of Cannington, this area is a great source of employment and has attracted a lot of tenants to Cannington, East Cannington, Queens Park, and surrounding suburbs.

Leasing properties around Westfield Carousel has never been a problem.


Westfield Carousel has seen some really great improvements recently. As a parent I’m over the moon at the amount of additional under cover parking they have added to the centre as well as the great variety of food on offer at the food court. Construction has seen a lot of short and long-term jobs created and the increase in shops has created a lot of long-term stable jobs.


I’m not sure if these are all new shops or if I’m just seeing them for the first time because of the improved layout and bigger walkways but I’m finding we are going into more specialty stores than we used to. I really like the larger more open feel of Target and they have the last Kmart I can shop at since all the other ones moved their cash registers to the centre of their stores.


While not a fan of the layout of the seating area in the food court, I’m enjoying a different taste every visit. I’m really looking forward to the roof top dining when it is finished late 2018.


With the twins in the middle of potty training the family rooms are more important than ever and are visited several times during any shopping trip. The main parenting rooms are amazing, the smaller ones feel a little crowded when there are more than 3 families in them. Microwaves are a a greatly appreciated addition for heating up bottles, but it is annoying when employees come in to heat up their lunches leaving food smells and often do not clean up after themselves.


The twins really love going to Carousel and love the rides spread around the centre, when we remember to bring coins to pay for them. I rarely carry a wallet these days let-alone cash let-alone coins so I usually have to hunt for rides that accept paypass from my phone. As we move more to a cashless society I’m looking forward to more paypass rides in centres like Westfield.

Westfield Carousel is a huge family friendly shopping centre in the heart of Cannington and with all the specialty stores combined the centre is one of the largest sources of employment in the area creating strong demand for rentals nearby.