Vacating – home opens during your tenancy

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Time Periods

28 days before your vacate date – we will commence advertising.

21 days before your vacate date – we will commence home opens.

Home Opens

To secure a new tenant for the owner we conduct regular home opens during the last 3 weeks of you living in the property.

You will receive a Form 19, notice of entry via email 2 days before the inspection giving you the exact day and time of the inspection.

Home opens are conducted on weekdays during business hours and on Saturdays.

Is Saturday a religious day for you?

If Saturdays are a holy day for you, we can conduct home opens on Sundays instead but only at your request (through email). The residential tenancies act allows for weekday and Saturday home opens only, not Sundays, so this has to be at your request.



Subject: [Property Address] – Home Opens

Dear CRASH Realty,

Saturday is a religious day for us. Please conduct home opens on weekdays and Sundays.

What happens next?

We will email you back confirming your email and will book Sundays instead of Saturdays.