Vacate cleaning checklist

An updated final inspection checklist will be emailed to you when you give notice to vacate


Please use this checklist as a guide.

These items must be completed as a minimum and there may be other cleaning requirements specific to your property.

All of these items – where they apply – are compulsory.

It is a condition for the refund of your bond that you leave the property in the same or better condition than on your condition report.

Please be advised that should you be contacted to clean or remove something at the property once you have vacated, this must happen within 24 hours of notification, otherwise we will have the problem rectified by professionals and the amount deducted from your Bond.


  • Wash and sweep/vacuum floors
  • Carpets professionally steamed clean (receipt needs to be provided)
  • Wipe and clean all light fittings and light switches
  • Wash all walls, ceilings and remove all marks
  • Skirting boards dusted and cleaned
  • Clean doors and woodwork
  • Wash windows inside and outside
  • Brush down flyscreens
  • Clean windowsills and tracks
  • Clean Venetian blinds
  • Have drapes dry cleaned (receipt needs to be provided)
  • Take down your own curtains/blinds and replace with original fittings
  • Clean out wood heater/Fire places
  • Have chimneys professionally cleaned (receipt needs to be provided)
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Ceiling fan blades to be cleaned
  • Clean filters on air conditioning units and clean all electric heaters
  • Remove personal effects from all cupboards


  • Clean stove including elements, oven racks, griller and drip trays
  • Remove grease/debris from stove surrounds
  • Clean exhaust fans & range hood
  • Defrost/clean refrigerator and remove water
  • Clean dishwasher including filters and powder dispensers
  • Clean sink, tiled splash backs & cupboards
  • Clean pantry shelves and doors inside and out


  • Clean laundry tub and cupboards inside and out
  • Clean clothes dryer & lint filter
  • Clean washing machine & filters


  • Clean shower curtain
  • Clean bath and all tiles
  • Clean shower recess and all glass screens
  • Clean exhaust fan
  • Clean vanity mirrors and cabinet


  • Clean behind toilet pan
  • Clean cistern
  • Clean toilet bowl, seat and cover inside and out


  • Mow lawns, trim edges, remove weeds and tidy up gardens
  • Remove oil/tyre/rust marks from driveway and garage floor
  • Remove all rubbish from sheds and all storage lockers
  • Sweep verandas and paths
  • Remove all garbage bags and rubbish
  • Remove all cobwebs from the exterior of the house/unit
  • Where pets have been kept on the property all animal droppings to be removed


  • Check all drawers/cupboards for personal items
  • Return all “moved” items to their original position


  • Contact Synergy, Alinta Gas, Kleenheat etc to disconnect services
  • Apply to Australia Post to redirect all mail
  • Cancel all deliveries


  • Provide a forwarding contact address and telephone number for bond refund
  • Pay all outstanding rent and water rates
  • Hand in all keys by 2 pm on the day of vacating or onsite at the final inspection as arranged