The truth about discounted agents

I see so much hate in the real estate industry from the old guard of real estate agents against discounted agents like Purple Bricks with their fixed price sale commission (sorry guys, call it what you will, it is still a commission) and De Freitas & Ryan’s all-inclusive 11% including gst property management fee or our cheaper sales and property management packages.

I love hearing comments like “if they discount their fees, what services will they be skipping?”

The old guard just don’t get it

Agents can reduce fees and still maintain a fantastic service. In fact, some of the best agents I know are part of the new discounted fee movement.

From the hundreds of properties I have taken from other agents over the years, all stated the reason they were moving over from these full fee agencies was a lack of service, none stated they were moving because for cheaper fees.

I think this is really the old guard’s fear, that owners will expect more for less. I for one have never taken a management from an agency that offers discounted fees.

We kept with the lower fee packages because I think they are a fairer price (and it also really annoys the competition).

I love reading training package titles like “pump up your profits, how to increase revenue with the same number of properties.” These professional agency training organisations also miss the point. They should be training agents to provide a better service.