The latest letterbox scams

Do you remember when you last received an actual letter from someone? Me either. All my bills are sent via email like pretty much the entire planet.

The only things that come through snail mail these days are magistrate’s documents that they refuse to send to our PO Box number and of course spammy pamphlets.


Letterbox break-ins

There have been a lot of letterbox break-ins lately and I have had a few tenants rightly concerned. They are worried about someone trying to steal their identity, which would be a concern for anyone that still receives snail mail bills, the number #1 reason I recommend you don’t accept any bills or mail via snail mail… But… 

There is an even bigger problem.

Recently I have seen letters turning up to properties for people that have never lived in the property. I have always sent them “Return to Sender, not at this address” but they are still coming. It seems these companies don’t care if you return their mail, they just keep sending.

Ignoring the obvious, a RTS, is obviously bad for any business but it seems these credit companies just don’t car.


So what’s the scam?

These people are searching rental sites for vacant properties and signing up credit cards and other loans and using these addresses. All they have to do is break into the letter box, retrieve the confirmation letter, sign, return, and then break in again to get the credit card. All is good for the world until you start receiving overdue notices to this person that has never lived in the property.

Last week I received another call from a debt collector chasing someone that has never lived in another property I manage.

We don’t give out personal details to anyone, but we do confirm people have never lived in a property.


What should you do?

  1. Immediately “Return to Sender” any letters not for you. The quicker you get that mail out of your letter box the better.
  2. Don’t get any mail posted to you. Get everything via email. They can’t steal your mail if you don’t have any.
  3. If you (2) do not receive any mail in your letter box, leave it unlocked. This means that if anyone is faking their address, they don’t have to break in to take their mail and enjoy the fruits of their credit card scam.
For your protection, by default all our client letters are sent via email (unless you specifically opt out).
We do not pass out client details to anyone.
Credit card and pay day loan companies need to do proper checks. Their lack of due diligence is their problem, not yours.