sick of getting a new property manager every 6 months?

When we meet new owners for the first time we always ask “why are you looking at changing agents?”

There are a few answers to this, lack of services, promises never honoured etc, but the main one we will focus on today is:

“I’m sick of getting a new property manager every 6 months”


“every time I call the agency there is a new property manager”

As an owner, you may be surprised that this probably the same complaint your tenant has about the agent too.

There is a culture in Perth real estate where property managers change agencies every few months.

Agencies will offer great incentives to attract new staff, but then neglect and overwork them to the point that the start looking somewhere else and the cycle begins again.

This is where Crash Realty differs

Not only do we offer fantastic packages and conditions to our staff to ensure they stay and stay happy,


Your property manager is the Director (me) meaning you don’t have to worry about a new property manager every few months or ever.

I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be leaving my own business to look for work elsewhere.