Property Club - Property Manager Winner

July 2019 Winner - David Crash

He is one of our best Property Managers. Not only is he good in managing property but you can always count on for advise and support with anything to do with property.

Unlike most Property Mangers I find him very response. If he does not attend to his phone he will ring back within an hour or less. When I recommend Crash Realty to any of my Members I can rest in peace with the knowledge that they are being well looked after.

A special thank you for all our clients that review us

With nearly 100% of our new clients personally referred to us we are very grateful to all of you

Troy & Allison Hemetsberger

David is by far the best Property Manager we have ever worked with. They are responsive, honour the terms of our contracts including our non-standard included terms and always put the landlord's interests first. We usually dread getting emails from PMs, as it is always bad news and something we have to fix. David on the other hand finds a way to ensure that the tenant is liable for the item, and if not, attempts to fix it himself or at reasonable cost. We often wonder who our other PMs are working for, and they certainly do not appear interested in helping us out - seeing us merely as the rich landlord that they can milk without doing any work. We have even had PMs tell us that an item cannot be claimed under insurance (when asked if they had read the policy and are able to act as an insurance assessor, the answer was no to both counts ... and the claim was approved) - they just did not want to do any work, instead wanting us to just pay up! It sure is a refreshing change to work with David, who now looks after 3 of our properties. He is our favourite PM by a long way and we would highly recommend him to anyone!

Hayley Clarke

David crash and his team are an exceptional agency. Would recommend to anyone needing an agent or property manager. Professionalism, understanding, prompt and efficient responses. Definite 10 out of 10

Jemma Hogan

Thank you David for all your help with our rental property. We greatly appreciated your prompt responses to emails, helping us to find a suitable tenant and for sorting out any issues we had very quickly. What could of been a long, complex process – was made very easy by you and for a very reasonable price (considering the quality of service!) Thanks again!

Ming Johanson

Thanks David for sorting it out. By far the best property manager I’ve ever had.

Pamelia Martin

I have just moved from a property with Crash Realty after 1.5 years. I cannot recommend David and his team enough! This real estate has a very professional friendly approach as well as always being understanding and down to earth people. I found it to be a different experience to the usual real estate Riff Raff. I am so happy with the experience I’ve had renting a property with them.

Georgina Wright

Rented through Crash Realty and any problems we had were resolved quickly and efficiently!!

Kimberley Porter

We had a great experience as tenants through Crash Realty. They are always very professional without the typical buracracy of traditional real estate agencies.

Zara Germon

As a tenant at one of David Crash’s properties I can not recommend Crash Realty enough. My home is managed regularly and well, any maintenance is attended to promptly and a warm friendly inspection is always on the cards. I would happily have Crash Realty manage my properties. Trustworthy and reliable realestate.


I cannot be more grateful to David for all he has done for me in looking after my rental. It has been completely stress free. He is always quick to respond and very helpful. David went to a lot of trouble for me and I so appreciate it. I have recommended him to some of my friends and would highly recommend him to anyone with a rental property. Thanks for everything David!

Sherrie Murray

David thoroughly researched the local market and was successful at securing a tenant within the time frame and for the amount we wanted. He has excellent communication and would send rental inspection reports for immediate feedback after home opens. We feel confident in leaving the details of property management to David.

Ray and Suen

David Crash has excellent customer skills. He has kept us up to date with events leading up to finding a suitable tenant to lease our property. Would definitely recommend his services to family and friends.


The Crash team had our house shown 6 times and rented by the end of the week. They were so helpful and always easy to contact. Highly recommend.


From my association with David as my Property Manager I have found him to be by far the most professional of all the managers I’ve used across my property portfolio and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to put an expensive asset into someone else hands


So glad we have lovely and professional property managers now. Makes such a difference.


Your professionalism is beyond anything I have ever seen or heard of in the industry.