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One-Fee $110 per month

Like a phone-plan, a simple, single, monthly fee

  • No hidden fees or charges
  • 2 year management agreement, then month-to-month thereafter

All-inclusive 8.8%

Our most popular package

  • No surprises at the end of the month with our all-inclusive Property Management package.
  • 1 year management agreement, then month-to-month thereafter

20% off

Great for long-term tenants

  • Take another 20% off the Property Club already heavily discounted package
  • No lock-in, month-to-month management agreement

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The greatest place for property investors

All Property Club Services are completely FREE!


Free Access to some of the best new developments throughout Australia.

All properties are checked for price, quality of build, and quality of investment.


Seasoned Investors with a wealth of knowledge and experience all devoting their time to help you, all for free.

The Property Club has made more millionaires than any other organisation I know.


Property Club Developers work very hard to produce fantastic investment properties for Owners.

These developers work closely with the Property Club and work hard to keep that good working relationship and reputation.


Free Events, training and seminars. The Property Club provides you with a wealth of free knowledge.

Property Club owners are more informed and ready to make those important decisions because they have all the research at their fingertips.

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The Property Club is just better

We have been working with the Property Club for over a decade. We are great fans of their systems, members, developers and fellow agents

Hard Working Agents

Friendly competitors

We work with a lot of agents throughout Perth and I always prefer to work with Club approved agents.

Property Club Agents just work harder for their Owners.

They may be our competition but they are some the hardest working and most professional agents we have ever worked with.

Friendly competition never hurt anyone, in fact it makes us Club agents even better.

No Lock-in Management Agreements

Agents manage on a month by month basis. If they are doing a great job fantastic, if not you can move on without any exit fees.

Special discounts

As well as enjoying free information and assistance, the Property Club has negotiated some heavily discounted property management fee structures in every state of Australia.

Adding up all fees over a 12 month tenancy at $350/week, the Property Club discounted fees work out to be over 40% cheaper than standard real estate agent fees.