Pets and Pest Control

Any pets are approved in accordance with your lease, Pet Clauses in Part “C”, and Addendum “Additional Terms”. If you do not have permission on your lease to have a pet you shouldn’t have a pet. If you would like permission to have a pet you should send an email to

Do you have birds, rats, mice, or rabbits?

These animals all attract rats and mice.

You will only receive pet approval for a rodent if you have your own insurance that specifically covers the Owner’s property for rodent damage.

If you have any of these pets in your property you must regularly treat for rats (every 3 months). Please email through a receipt to your property manager every 3 months confirming that this has happened.

Regular treatment

Recommended product with value for money.

We also have our recommended pest controller if you do not have time to treat for rats yourself.

Insurance warning

The Owners Landlord insurance and Property insurance specifically excludes damage caused by rodents if the Tenant has a rodent as a pet.

Most Landlord insurance policies only cover Cat and Dog damage (if at all).