Pet eats Owner out of House and Home

Do you have the right landlord insurance package?

If you answered anything other than “Yes, I have TICA Landlords Extra Protection Plus” chances are you aren’t covered where it really counts.

Did you know that a lot of landlord protection policies don’t cover pet damage even if the pet is on the lease?

One of my owners recently found this out the hard way when he took on a tenant with a Husky.

Some insurance companies provide fantastic insurance packages for items such as car and building protection but they really should leave landlord protection to the specialists like TICA.

This owner has all his insurances with the one company, car, house, landlord, etc. Sounds like a great idea putting all insurance policies with the one company, that way you can get discounts and value for money right?

I guess the answer has to come back as a “maybe”. Yes you may get a fantastic deal, but saving $100 in one year may not be the deal you thought it was when you try to make a claim on pet damage only to find out your policy explicitly excludes damage by pet. Always read the fineprint. If it comes up the same or better than TICA’s package by all means take it, but if not, it is time to hit TICA’s website for a quote.

Interestingly, TICA Protection Plus+ at $258 per year would have still been cheaper for this client and given him the protection he needed.

Should I go with the straight Landlords Extra Protection or the Landlords Extra Protection Plus package? The answer, in my opinion, without exception is go with the Extra package. For an extra $30 just look at the extras you get AND you’re covered if a Husky eats you out of House and Home.

Choose your insurance wisely. It may be the most important decision you make after buying your investment property.