Has your tenancy gone to HELL?

CRASH Hell package


Tenants from HELL?

  • Has your tenant stopped paying rent?
  • Have they trashed your house?
  • Are you managing yourself and have a Gumtree tenant?

Agents from HELL?

  • Has your property manager given up?
  • No follow-up with your "Hell" Tenant and now it has all gotten out of hand?

There is light at the end of the tunnel

We will

  • Assist with terminating the current agent.
  • We clear arrears where possible and get tenancies back on track.
  • Terminate tenancies.
  • Clean and repair the property.
  • Place your property back on the rental market.
  • Source a good tenant.
  • Manage your good tenancy.

Fees during this difficult time

  • 14% of collections including gst, including everything
  • No additional agency fees

Once you are back on track


  • The management authority is signed for 2 years. This could be a long process and for the most part we will be working for free during this difficult time. Afterwards we want the security of knowing we will be managing your property for at least 2 years after cleaning everything up.
  • Management fees during the "Hell" Tenancy is on gross collections including GST.
  • Management fees revert back to our All-in Plus+ package once a new tenant is sourced.
  • TICA Landlord Insurance Plus+ and TICA Building Insurance packages are not available while the "Hell" Tenancy is still in the property. Afterwards these packages become available to you.