Our weekend home open team

Juggling a healthy balance between work and family life can often be a difficult task.

Crash Realty is a family run and operated agency, and because of this we can get that balance between family and work life without any loss of service to our clients or even reducing time with family.

I like to take Jaxon or Katelyn with me to home opens on alternative days of the weekend. They (and I) love the one on one time that we can sometimes miss with a busy household and business.

I especially like our lunch breaks when we go to McDonalds or for a play in a park when there is a break between appointments, but nothing compares to watching them show a property to a potential tenant.

Nothing beats watching Jaxon or Katelyn show off a dishwasher, where the air conditioner is, or how to use the sliding door. They are a hit with tenants too, when they hand over a business card or entertain the tenant’s children with some show on the youtube kids app.

I would never have thought of taking my children along to home opens when working for someone else. I’m glad we do at Crash Realty.

The beauty of running your own business is we get to try new things as often as our Gemini personalities desire. If they work, we use them, if they don’t we ditch them.

I’m glad I added these two to my home open team, they are a great asset and have done an amazing job showing and leasing out properties. I can’t wait for Annabelle to be old enough to join the weekend opens team and I can’t imagine my weekends without them.