Immediate bond lodgements – Our Guarantee

It always surprises me when I read crazy statistics like this. 945 late bond lodgements within a 3 month period in Western Australia?! I’m speechless, well almost speechless.

We speak a lot on our site about discounts, introductory offers and loss leaders because we are promoting our packages and business, but we don’t speak enough about our services. That is going to change.

Our trust accountant Melissa not only keeps us compliant with all deadlines for receipts and lodgements but she consistently exceeds my expectations. Melissa lodges every bond immediately upon receipt of the bond money from our tenants.

It may take a little more time to do each lodgement as each payment comes in but really, the time taken is not much and certainly nothing compared to the $20,000 fine an agent and owner can face for lodging late. Besides, why are these agents needing threats like this in the first place? Just lodge the bonds on time… simple…

With the new electronic bond lodgement system introduced by the Department of Commerce over 12 months ago there is simply no excuse for any late lodgements. Tenants get immediate text messages and emails from the Bond Administrator to confirm their information is correct and the bond is lodged as quickly as you can say Crash Realty provides the best service at the best possible price. 

The Department of Commerce have issued the below bulletin

Tougher action planned for late lodgement of bonds: Real estate bulletin issue 128 (November 2016) | Department of Commerce