Domain is number 2 – Let’s celebrate with a cash back offer

I was updating my advertising statistics and I came up with something interesting.

Domain is gaining and is losing ground.

REA ( has dominated the online real estate advertising market for as long as I can remember, and I can still remember the day that REA first beat the West Australian newspaper for advertising weekend home opens, and when advertising in newspapers became irrelevant and a waste of money. REA is as important as a laptop or mobile phone in every real estate office and it has been that way for longer than most employees have. I still know a few agents that only list on REA because “that’s the way we have always done it”.

Many have tried, but none have even come close to being a serious threat to REA’s dominance of the real estate market.

Over the past couple of years REA has lost a little ground with all the new and upcomers like Homely and taking a bite of the real estate advertising market, but those have seen only a 1-4 percentage movement. REA has had no significant competition, until maybe now.

For me, Domain passed the early adopters goal post 2 years ago when they achieved 13% of my enquiries statistics and became a solid market contender. They are now well on their way to getting the early majority zone. Not sure what I’m talking about? Have a look at this post from online digital marketing.

Domain still offers a free marketing package for owners, but they do have great paid upgrade packages available.



To celebrate this little but significant milestone CRASH realty is offering 50% back on all Domain advertising upgrades when your property is leased or sold through CRASH. Offer valid until 1/4/2018.



Here are our stats, they do not necessarily reflect what other agents will achieve. Is this a blip in the stats or are we seeing the start of a real fight.




2 years 13% 60%
1 year 14% 60%
6 months 15% 62%
3 months 15% 63%
1 month 18% 58%