Discounted Vs Cheap

There is a Difference

Discounted Services

  • Agents with discounted services are trying to win your business.
  • These agents reduce their profit margins, cut office expenses and do not employ needless staff.

Cheap Services

  • Offset the reduced fees by over loading staff and rent rolls.
  • Too much work per staff member results in less service and mistakes.

We do not offer cheap services

We offer the best service at the best possible price

Because we want your Business

While we are by no means the only discounted agent in Perth we have positioned ourselves as a strong contender with these agencies.

See the difference in our management style HERE

Why the discounted approach?

No Competition

Our fees are designed not just to be competitive against other agents but to be the absolutely best priced package available.

Keep it Simple

Because our fee structures are so simple we don’t have to concentrate on chasing dollars, we can just concentrate on providing the best possible service.


No directors and shareholders taking profits.

Lower Overheads

No rent for expensive office spaces and shop fronts.

Better Systems

We have spent many years perfecting our systems to provide a fantastic streamlined service for our clients. These streamlined processes make us faster and more efficient.

Scaled Discounts

Like with any business, the more managements (business) we have, the cheaper everything gets per unit. We can scale with current staff and take on new staff seamlessly with no changes to our clients or our services.

We need you

We need you and we are prepared to pay for it with lower fees and better service.

Building a Better Agency

We are building an agency not a profit. We want to create a positive influence on the real estate industry. Only with you can we achieve this goal.