Our team remains committed to our Owners, our Tenants, our Creditors, and our staff during this crisis.

The coronavirus is primarily a respiratory illness, and it typically spreads via airborne particles from an infected patient’s coughs or sneezes.

As real estate is an industry where we personally meet many people each week, we are taking measures to protect staff and clients.

Home Opens

All properties will be shown by appointment only. You can book through Inspect Real Estate

Routine Inspections

For the moment routine inspections will continue with me being the only staff member in the field, wearing a mask etc.

We will ask standard questions prior to entry:

  1. Will anyone be home?
  2. Is anyone sick?
  3. Has anyone been overseas?

In some cases we may need to skip an inspection for safety of all.

Some inspections may be limited to photographs with a paragraph of text to limit time spent in properties filling in forms and having to remove gloves inside the property.


All our contractors have advised that they will continue to work throughout this pandemic.

Key collection

Key handovers to new tenants will continue onsite at the property.

If a tenant, contractor, etc needs to collect keys, they can still come to us to collect. Keys will be securely stored in the external collections lockbox for collection.

Owner's Cashflow

If your income has been affected by this crisis there are steps we can take to help you.

On July 1 we will be migrating all owners to a new system called ManagedApp.

We now recommend owners change over as soon as possible.

If you would like to move over to ManagedApp early please let me know and we will add you to our migration list.

We started looking at this system after experiencing a lot of technical issues with our current system PropertyTree. ManagedApp has fantastic workflows to get things done and doesn’t have the same performance bottlenecks that PropertyTree has.

With ManagedApp you get paid instantly when the tenant pays.

Through ManagedApp you can also pay rates, taxes, and bills with your credit card to assist in keeping cash on hand, as well as getting points on your credit card.

Over the next few months getting funds in as quickly as possible and having a cash surplus will be very important.

For tenants, they have access to paying via BPAY, direct deposit, and even the ability to pay via credit card if times get a little tough. This will be very helpful for tenants in these difficult days.

For contractors, they get paid daily which will help with their small businesses cash flows helping to keep them afloat.