Cleaning with WD40

I love WD40

Not only is it great for making locks work but did you know it can also clean things you can’t normally clean?


Cleaning those stains that simply won’t come off with regular cleaning products is easy. Spray some WD40 on a cloth and gently wipe the stains away.

  • Crayon stains on walls
  • Ink stains
  • Sticker marks on walls
  • Tough to clean scuff marks


Soap and water marks in bathrooms can be a real pain. The number one thing we pick up at inspections is mold on shower seals and soap staining on shower screens.

  • Water stains on shower screens
  • Shower tiles
  • Mold on shower seals
  • Stains on bathtub
  • Cleaning toilet bowl


  • Ring stains on kitchen benches
  • Burnt on food stains in the oven and cook top (don’t forget to clean thoroughly afterwards)
  • Blocked drains, spray some down the drain.

Sliding doors

Sliding door not opening easily? Spray on the track to make opening easier.


  • Keep getting wasps? Spray where they keep nesting
  • Bugs don’t like WD40, try spraying into holes they are coming from


You can’t spray your kids away but you can spray aways some everyday kid problems.

  • Getting gum out of hair
  • Shining up school shoes
  • Stuck zippers
  • Ink stains from shirts

Carpet stains

I haven’t tried this yet, but I have been told WD40 can remove stains on carpets.

Be careful with this one. I really don’t know if it will damage the carpet.