RCD tripping

RCDs trip from time to time. Usually after hours or on weekends when you are at home and using a lot more power.

Here is our fault-finding process for rectifying a RCD issue.

Turn off all lights, electrical devices, remove all plugs from power points.

  1. Turn back on the main switch and RCDs. They should all stay up. If they do not, list a maintenance item here
  2. Turn on each light switch. Stop when the trip switch trips.
  3. Turn on each power point and plug each power item in. Stop when the trip switch trips.

When one trips you know that it is either that light switch, power point, or electrical device.

  1. Lights - change the bulb out.
  2. Electrical item - it will either be the electrical item itself or the power point that is at fault.
      • Try the item in a different power point.
      • If it works and does not trip, the issue was the power point.
      • If it trips again, it is the electrical item at fault. Replace the item.

If the issue is found to be a power point or light fitting (not bulb) please list a maintenance item here