Pet application

Pets can be great

Pets can be fun

They are also a great responsibility

And you need approval from the owner

Are you ready for it?

Yes? Great!

Getting a pet approved is a streamlined process with Crash Realty

  1. Email us asking to have a pet. Include:
    • Type - EG cat, dog, bird, fish, snake
    • Breed - EG tabby, staffy, budgie, gold fish, python, etc
    • Age
    • Desexed - (essential for dogs and cats)
    • Photo of the pet if possible (or an image of the type of pet you want)
  2. We will email the owner for permission
  3. If the owner approves the pet, we will email you:
    • A pet application
    • An invoice to pay the $260 pet bond
  4. If the owner doesn't approve, sorry, you can't have a pet, but we can raise the question again when your lease is due for renewal


  1. Some pets require special licenses such as native reptiles, and if approved they must be housed for any inspection. Snakes are scary but becoming a very popular pet. Also I don't do inspections if there is a snake, the rest of the team will do your inspections.
  2. Big dogs need to be locked outside on inspection days. We don't want a staff member being bitten by a big dog (or little dog).
  3. All pet clauses are in your lease agreement already and are in force as soon as you are approved for a pet.
  4. If you got yourself a pet without permission, or were "keeping it for a friend", you still have to have the property professionally treated for fleas.
  5. Our blogs on pets: