Moldy showers

Mould getting you down? Time for Exit Mould

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Part of our service to our Owners includes regular routine inspections to check the condition of the property and to see if anything needs attention.

If a property is not up to standards we identify the issue with the tenant, and if need be, we sometimes have to re-inspect.

This is not a negative and does not affect a tenant’s lease or their rental history in any way. We just need to make sure everything is on track and running smoothly.

We always want to attend to items during the tenancy, not at the end of the tenancy.

Evil mould

Mould can appear in a bathroom for several reasons.

  • Inefficient exhaust fan (Owner’s issue)
  • Inadequate ventilation during and after showering (tenant issue)
  • Pre-existing mould issue in the bathroom (Owner issue)
  • Inadequate cleaning (Tenant issue)


Mould in a shower base is almost always due to the tenant not cleaning regularly and leaving the area moist. If left untreated mould can eat into the shower sealant making it impossible to clean. In these circumstances the sealant has to be replaced at the tenant’s expense. Tenants are always given the opportunity to clean the area themselves before we send out contractors to attend.

Exit mould to the rescue

I recently had a re-inspection on a property. We had to go back for a few items but my main concern was mould in the shower bases. I honestly didn’t expect that the tenant would be able to get these shower bases up to scratch. I expected we would have to have the sealant replaced. I am happy to report my concerns were unnecessary. Our Tenant did an amazing job cleaning up with this product.

Exit Mould is amazing stuff and is very cheap at Woolworths. This is a must have product in your cleaning cupboard.