Lockboxes are a tenant's best friend

Lockboxes are an agent’s best friend, and they should be yours too.

Say you lose your keys after hours and you can’t reach your property manager. An after hours callout for a locksmith could cost you north of $350. A lockbox from Bunnings will cost you $22. That’s a big difference in your back pocket and a smart investment. Also key cutting from Bunnings is only $2.90 per key.

What to get

I recommend these ones from Bunnings. You can set your own code and they only cost $22.

I had one on a property the other day and someone had tried breaking into it. They failed. I’m happy.


Where to install?

I like this type of lockbox because you can attach it to a pipe. The gas pipe on your gas metre is a great spot, or on a back garden tap where no one will see it. I have even put them on rail posts in strata complexes.

What not to get

Do not get any lockbox that looks like this image They sell for about $19 at Bunnings and Officeworks. It may be $3 cheaper but it takes less than 30 seconds to break into with a screwdriver or car key. I know because I forgot a combo once and had to break into one of these. 30 seconds later, I won’t buy another one again.

Note: Prices as at the date of this post