Drugs and your tenancy

Chances are, you know drugs are bad M’kay. You’ve probably read all the literature or at least a few articles about how much chemicals they put in E and how the marijuana will rot your brain.

You may not be surprised, but here is CRASH Realty’s policy on you doing drugs.

As long as you are not damaging the property, we don’t care what you put inside your own body

As part of all our leases there is no smoking inside the property at any time and this includes funny cigarettes so if you’re smoking the marijuana outside and it isn’t blowing into a neighbour’s property, we don’t care.

Consider your neighbours

Don’t smoke somewhere where you will be blowing wacky stuff into one of your neighbour’s windows. Don’t throw it in their faces, you don’t know their position on drugs and you could face a door knock by a police officer.

Consider your Property Manager

Don’t leave stuff out for your PM to have to explain in inspection photos to the owner.

Heavy stuff

I don’t have to tell you how bad pills can be, there are enough pages out there telling you exactly what you risk every time you take someone else’s meds or some crap someone mixed up in their garage next to the lawn fertiliser and rat poison – but it is still none of our business.

When you make it our business

  • You damage the property
  • You fall behind in your rent
  • You or your friends start disturbing your neighbours
  • You start cooking drugs in the property
  • You start dealing

Do any of these things and you make it our problem and you force us to take action which can include breaches, terminations, and for the more serious issues you may face police action.

We only take action if you make it our problem. We assume you’re an adult and fully capable of making your own informed decisions. Just don’t make it our problem.