How to apply for a rental through Crash Realty


  1. Apply before viewing. This way your references get a chance to reply in time.

  2. Arrive early or on time to the home open. We arrive early to viewings but leave at the end of the viewing time. We cannot stay to give you a private viewing after the home open has ended as we will be heading to our next viewing.

  3. We only accept 12 month initial leases. We are looking for long-term tenants only. We do not provide short-term or holiday accommodation.

  4. You or someone for you has to view the property in person.

  5. When you view, advise if you would like your application to proceed or not.

  6. Applications are only sent to the owner once you have viewed the property.

  7. You can withdraw anytime before your application is submitted to the owner without it affecting your ability to apply through us again.

  8. Applications are only accepted via 2apply.

  9. You MUST register to view.

  10. Viewings without registered attendees may be cancelled at anytime.

The application process


  1. There is no smoking inside the property. Keep doors and windows closed if you smoke outside.

  2. You can only have a pet if you apply with a pet and pay a $260 pet bond.

  3. Please provide all information requested. If you do not provide the documentation we have asked for this will delay processing your application and the owner may approve another application while we wait for your documents to be received.

  4. Once we receive your application we will start work on it and keep you up to date with updates.

All applicants have to apply

  1. Everyone over 18 must apply and sign the lease.

  2. Your wife is not a child and must apply and sign the lease too.

Lease period

  1. Our initial lease period is 12 months.

  2. We do not accept short-term leases such as 3 or 6 months.

Rent amount

  1. Rent is as advertised.

  2. You can offer more rent and we will send your application as is to the owner however we do not get involved in bidding wars.


Photo ID

  1. Driver’s license; or

  2. Passport; or

  3. Proof of age card.

Bill with your address. EG

  1. A Current Phone, Electricity, or Gas bill; or

  2. Invoice from a real estate agent.


  1. If you are not an Australian citizen, provide a copy of your Visa documents.



  1. 3x recent payslips; or

  2. ATO - Income Tax - "Notice of Assessment" for the previous financial year; or

  3. 3 months bank statements; or

Self employed income

  1. ATO - Income Tax - "Notice of Assessment" for the previous financial year; or

  2. 3 months bank statements; or

Additional income

  1. A full and Current Centrelink income support statement, not an extract or screenshot.

Rent history

  1. Property Manager's contact details including email address, or

  2. Contact details for the sales rep if you just sold your own home; or

  3. Private rental? Contact details of the owner, lease agreement, 3 month's bank statements showing rent paid, and a copy of your bond lodgement receipt from the Bond Administrator; or

  4. If you are a working student and just moving out of home, provide a copy of your student ID and course acceptance certificate.

Database checks

We will search the following tenancy databases:

  1. TICA

  2. NTD

  3. Barclay MIS

Once approved

  1. Your lease will be emailed to you via REAforms, an online electronic signing system.

  2. Once sent you will need to sign the lease and pay the bond and rent within 24 hours.

  3. The property remains on the market until the lease is signed and paid for


  1. Bond is 4x week's rent

  2. 2x weeks rent

  3. A $260 pet bond if you have an approved pet.

How to pay bond

We accept many different ways to pay bond:

  1. EFT to our trust account.

  2. Cash at any ANZ ATM that accepts payments.

  3. Credit card with a 2.5% merchant fee.

  4. Pensioners over 55 can also pay bond through the Homeswest bond assistance scheme.

  5. We do not accept bond loan systems.

Ready to apply?

Please apply via 2apply.