Application Process

The application process

  1. Complete your preferred application form (details below)
  2. Pay the $50 option fee
  3. Tell all your references to expect a call
  4. We will process asap (usually same day)
  5. We will confirm back to you within 8 hours to 2 days

What you will need

  1. Copies of the documents that you will use to verify your identity such as your photo ID
  2. Proof of income/capacity to pay the rental amount
  3. Proof of your current place of residence such as a bill with your address on it

Police checks making a stronger application

  1. Sometimes to make your application stronger and satisfy insurance requirements we may ask to conduct a police check. This is at no cost to you.

What is an Option fee?

  1. The option fee is a $50 pledge that you are applying for the property and will not withdraw
  2. If your application is successful the $50 goes towards your first week’s rent
  3. If your application is rejected you get the $50 back by EFT
  4. If your application is successful and you withdraw your application you forfeit the $50

Bank account details for Option fee payment

Account name – Crash Realty REBA Trust Account

Bank – ANZ Morley

BSB – 016-363

Account – 222 550 315

Payment reference – Your mobile number

Once approved

Once your application is approved you will need to pay 2 weeks rent and bond. Bond is always equivalent to 4 weeks rent (plus $260 if you have an approved pet).

How to pay bond

We accept many different ways to pay bond:

  • EFT through our Trust Account (full payment)
  • Cash at any ANZ branch (full payment)
  • Low interest and immediate approval with easyBondpay organised by Crash Realty on your behalf.


We have 3 ways you can apply for this property.

1form –

ApplyReply – TICA

Old school word document

  • We have also included an attached application form in word format if you are not comfortable with any of the above online application forms.
  • Download word document application

Any questions?

Please ask, that’s what we are here for.