Get your properties managed by Crash Realty

As well as managing properties for private owners and investment groups we also have many sales agents and property managers that have entrusted their investment properties with us.

Why other agents trust their investment property with us?

  • No uncomfortable issues with the PM if you change jobs.
  • Great price.
  • Great service.
  • Great systems.
  • Flexibility to customise everything to your needs.

Park your clients

Parking your clients with our property management team is a fantastic way to keep your clients close and well looked after.

Any management brought in by you is noted in the system and remains your client for life. If your client is looking at selling in the future, we will refer them back to you.

Referrals paid weekly

  • Referrals - 20% property management referrals paid weekly for the life of the management.
  • Park your clients and know they will always be your clients.

Try our 2 page Management Agreement

  • Simple 2 page agreement
  • No Lock-in periods
  • Super low fees

Comparison Table

Which package is best for you?

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