Clients First, Fees Last

Crash Realty is a Perth based real estate agency managing properties from Butler to Mandurah.

We offer discounted package to Owners discounting fees without compromising service.

Thanks to our advanced task management systems we are able to remove bloat, double-ups, and missed jobs, reducing fees while improving customer services.

David Crash

I have over 16 years experience in Real Estate and over 10 years managing properties for Property Club members.‚Äč I am a proud Property Club Member, Mentor, and Researcher.

In 2015 we created Crash Realty to better serve our clients and haven’t looked back.

Best service

  • We provide the best service to our clients by using the best systems, automating repetitive tasks, eliminating human error, and hiring the right staff to do the right jobs.
  • We are client focused and use task management systems to ensure everything is done right and done on time.

No subcontracting

  • We do not outsource any aspect of property management. The best systems on the planet are useless unless you have the right feet on the ground physically viewing our clients’ investment properties. The right feet are staff that are accountable to you, not subcontractors.
  • Outsourcing property management tasks not only reduces the service you receive for the money you pay but it also takes away experience from the industry.
  • If a junior never does the job, the junior can never become a competent senior and can never train the generation of property managers that follow.
  • There is no accountability with subcontractors. If you have a different person inspecting your property every quarter how do you know things are not being missed?
  • Owners should never accept third party contractors for their investment properties.

Best price

  • We do not focus on profits, we focus on people. All businesses have to make money but our focus will always be on people not profits.
  • We do not have directors or shareholders needing to see a profit and loss statement every quarter and pull dividends from the business.
  • We do not have expensive offices which huge overheads. We do not employ subcontractors so we do not need to increase fees to cover the profit of a third party company.
  • Because of this we can afford to be the cheapest in the room while still providing the absolute best service for our clients.